Business progress is often measured by improvements in productivity and efficiency. The internet brought forth an exponential jump in efficiency by streamlining transactions and information transfers between direct trusted parties (retailer-to-customer, vendor-to-buyer, etc). 

Blockchain technologies enables an even larger exponential jump that by streamlining efficiencies within entire ecosystems of trustless parties.

However, in these early days of blockchain, challenges of adopting this powerful technology exist:
  • Market has many competing blockchain protocols each with their own platforms and toolsets.
  • Process of incorporating blockchain technologies is complicated and time consuming
  • Certain aspects of blockchains technologies are still immature

At IJS, blockchain DApps and solutions are created faster and with fewer resources than with any other approach.

IJS addresses today's blockchain challenges with its cloud development acceleration platform. IJS solutions provide the following:
  • IJS’s cloud development acceleration platform makes it easy to build enterprise SaaS and blockchain solutions fast!
  • We offer a world’s first blockchain playground to enable rapid learning of blockchain development concepts
  • IJS’s platform is protocol agnostic and fully supports the hybrid centralized/decentralized models that are inherent in most of today’s blockchain solutions
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