IJS Secure Hardware Nodes

In today’s multi-blockchain landscape, an ability to carry out cross-chain and layer-2 sidechain processing is becoming a necessity.  IJS is focused on providing the key components for making such cross-chain capabilities work.

IJS Secure Hardware Nodes leverage multi-sig and multiparty computation MPC technologies to enable multi-node consensus encryption and decryption activities.  With an end-end secure node architecture and an integrated offline hardware key storage module, IJS offers a key building block to next generation secure blockchain solutions.

Key features
  • Secure Key Management

    Private keys are managed in air gapped hardware module

  • Tamper Resistance

    Nodes are encased in intrusion-resistant and tamper evident hardware

  • Multi-Sig & MPC

    Nodes leverage combination of Multi-sig and MPC technologies for consensus based signing and encryption functions

  • Encrypted Inter-Node Communication

    Communications between nodes encrypted via secure socket channels

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