業務發展的步伐越來越快,但是軟件開發仍然需要時間。 由於缺乏高技能的IT資源,對用戶界面,數據安全性和性能等軟件的需求不斷增加,因此項目經常在軟件開發過程中苦苦掙扎。


Security First
  • Traditional financial services and commerce is being forever changed with the convergence of cloud, blockchain, ai and IoT technologies. IJS offers a platform from which to build next generation solutions leveraging these capabilities.

All of our FinTech solutions feature 256bit data level encryption, 2 Factor Authentication, and granular user roles and access control features.

Blockchain & Crypto Ready
  • All of our FinTech solutions were designed with potential blockchain and crypto handling features in mind with options for accepting cryptocurrencies or recording details on a blockchain.

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