About Us

We are a software company providing blockchain and fintech solutions to leading global and local companies. With deep skills in secure blockchain technologies and decades of enterprise software development expertise, IJS offers an institutional-grade cryptocurrency wallet and partners with companies to build one-of-a-kind fintech solutions. Founded in 2015, we are a Hong Kong based company with a growing recognition as a leader in the next generation of fintech software.

Our Vision

We aim to be a standard-bearer on digital asset protection and commerce by providing the most effective and secure solutions for new blockchain powered digital ecosystems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the digital asset and blockchain ecosystem a safer place for everyone.

Our story

After years of working with leading multinational companies and consultancies, our co-founders foresaw a future where blockchain technologies and digital assets would transform industry and commerce. Although the new technologies showed potential --- fragmented and evolving blockchain standards made it difficult to build solutions that organizations could use. In 2015, IJS was formed and set out to define a new approach for developing software.

A strong team of well-established professionals from leading organizations such as Accenture, Microsoft, VTech as well as early cryptocurrency companies such as ANX was established to carry out the IJS vision.

In 2018, IJS introduced the first iteration of the platform, and showcased its power by building custom one-of-a-kind solutions at a fraction of the time of traditional approaches.

In 2019, IJS showcased its blockchain capabilities and was a top 3 finalist at a major Blockchain Accelerator Demo day sponsored by Hong Kong Science Park and Astri.

In mid 2020, IJS introduced its patent-pending Institutional-grade cryptocurrency wallet to enable companies to join the age of digital assets.

IJS also launches its Security Readiness as a Service offering as it seeks to create a secure environment for companies seeking to go more digital.

IJS is committed to its vision of ushering in a new age of blockchain powered digital ecosystem with new and exciting developments yet to come.