As part of our patent-pending cryptocurrency management solution, IJS Keepers protect your digital assets, allowing your organization to complete transactions with peace of mind, driven by the policy and workflows defined by you.

  • Tamper-proof - IJS Keepers are designed to self-destruct upon detection of being physically compromised. All key material will be removed .

  • Distributed Security - You decide where IJS Keepers reside. With a blend of multisig and multi-party computation (MPC) capabilities, a group of IJS Keepers enhance the security of the system even further as you distribute them globally.
  • Multi-tiered Policy - Mitigate your risk by setting a policy on spending limits at both the account and Keeper levels, you define the risk parameters that fit your organization.

How Used


IJS Keepers are the defensive line for institutional enterprise crypto wallets, mobile crypto wallets, stable coin ecosystems, and crypto payment gateways.