IJS WebPro is a one-stop cloud Web Presence platform that enables anyone to build their own website quickly with minimal effort. Instead of just offering a website building platform, IJS WebPro allows organizations to seamlessly add eStores, backend systems and more without needed to retrain or go through complex integrations that often lead to fragile labyrinth of loosely connected systems. Whether organizations start with one of our SaaS solutions and decide to add a website or the other way around, IJS offers a unique level of flexibility.

Key features
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder

    Quickly build up your website with our Drag & Drop page builder

  • Professional Templates

    Use our growing list of templates to rapidly build your site.  Mix and match pages for your own unique experience.

  • Responsible

    All of our websites are Responsive by design.

  • Integrated Test Site

    Build and test your site before releasing to the public.

  • SEO Friendly

    Features to enable your site to be search-engine friendly.

  • Customization Friendly

    Easily add new unique components

Standard features

All IJS solutions come with the following industry-leading features

  • Data Security

    With sensitive data encrypted, SSL, 2 Factor authentication and restricted IP access, we have your security needs covered.

  • Flexible Reporting

    Generate and customize sophisticated reports across multiple tables with ease to get the insight you need.

  • Customization Flexibility

    Our IJS Development acceleration platform underpins every IJS solution ensuring unparalleled customization flexibility.

  • Granular User Management

    Add new users to your account easily and manage access permissions.

  • Dedicated Customer Service Team

    Our team of technical advisors are only a phone call away and are dedicated to providing rapid solutions.

  • Multi-language

    Available in English and Chinese with additional languages easily added

  • 100% Cloud

    No need to install any software as every part of the solution and platform is cloud-based.

  • Arrange for a free trial

    Lets discuss how you can easily manage your online presence