IJS Development Platform
A fully cloud based development and solutions platform that allows for the rapid development and customisation of enterprise applications.

 The platform was fundamentally constructed as a highly extendable and scalable cloud framework with an integrated development environment serving as its core.
Smart Workflow Engine

Ultra flexible DRAG & DROP interface

Adaptors to leading Blockchain protocols (Ethereum, EOS, Hyperledger)

Easy links to IoT, Custom services & more

Key Features
What Makes Our Platform Unique?
Integrated Tools
Developers need many tools to build applications, from Code Editors, Automated Testing, Encryption Key Stores, Source Code control and more. Such tools are typically found in separate pieces of software that all need to be installed and maintained separately. InstaJS integrates all of these features into a single toolset to maximize productivity.
100% Cloud

The integrated platform can be accessed with a simple browser. This eliminates complicated setup procedures and ensures productivity right away.

Modular Future Proof Architecture

 InstaJS was designed to be extended. InstaJS’s modular framework is designed to allow open standard technologies to be easily integrated so that the platform is able to handle new technologies with ease.