Enterprise SaaS solutions are increasingly being adopted by businesses to meet changing business demands for greater internal efficiencies and enhancing interaction with customers and partners. Businesses appreciate the benefits that a cloud subscription model provides.

SaaS solutions offer great potential, but often come with these tradeoffs:
  • Lower levels of control over company data
  • Data security concerns
  • Little to no ability for feature customization
  • Complexities of integration with other internal systems
  • Overall management and keeping track of all the cloud services being used

IJS and our partners offer a growing library of enterprise SaaS solutions that provide all the benefits of cloud solutions while eliminating the pain points.

IJS solutions provide the following:
  • Hybrid deployment models that allow organizations to maintain control over their own data
  • Encryption keys that the organization controls
  • Full customization capabilities
  • Single platform for all solutions. IJS users don’t have to learn new tools and have a consolidated access point to control mechanisms

At IJS we aim to offer Enterprise SaaS solutions that provide the lowest total cost of ownership, the greatest ease of customization, and the highest ease-of-use.

Client testimonials

“We were impressed with the way the IJS team were able to tailor-make our ERP system to match the efficient processes we established with our old system. The level of support and their ability to add features is unlike anything we seen before”

Boris - Operations Management
Deutschland Auto Parts

 IJS Enterprise SaaS Solutions