Organizations in today’s tech-intensive world increasingly rely on software to reach business goals.   With rapidly changing business models and landscapes, custom-fit software is often the only way to align and succeed in such an environment.

Unfortunately, custom software development is plagued by high costs and high failure-rates.  Traditional approaches to custom software development is complicated due to the need for large highly skilled teams working with different software  tools and technologies. 

IJS is changing this paradigm of software development with its revolutionary cloud development acceleration platform.  We are able to deliver projects at a fraction of the time and cost with a streamlined development process.  From custom blockchain projects to customized ERP solutions, IJS is demonstrating that custom development does not need to be associated with long timelines and astronomical costs.

Why choose IJS for your custom solution?
  • Development Speed & Quality

    Our cloud development acceleration platform enables us to drastically reduce the time and effort of software development by streamlining the development process and making sophisticated features like client-side encryption standard.

  • Experience

    Our team is anchored by decades of experience in enterprise software, SaaS development, Blockchain and Crypto to ensure that your project will be delivered on time.

  • Customer-First Attitude

    We are purposely growing at a gradual rate to ensure that we can provide our customers the attention they deserve. We understand that successful projects are more than technology and work with our customers every step of the way to ensure that not only is the technology delivered but that the overall initiative is successful.

  • Results

    From delivering a fully customized ERP solution with data conversion and rollout in less than 6 months to the delivery of a full blockchain ecosystem concept in 2 months, IJS has proven that we can get the job done.

What we can do
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