IJS Development Acceleration Platform

Businesses are evolving at an ever increasing pace, but software development still takes time.  With a shortage of highly skilled IT resources, increasing demands on software ranging from UI, data security and performance, projects often struggle with the software development process.

IJS’s Development Acceleration Platform streamlines and simplifies the development process and enables everything from mobile, blockchain, SaaS solutions and more to be built on a single integrated platform multiple times faster and with fewer resources than through traditional approaches.

Key features
  • No-Code & Low-Code Development

    A key element of the platform is the ability to build and configure features without any coding.  From webpages to forms and reports, key parts of a solution can simply be configured.

  • Smart Workflow

    Our Smart Workflow engine takes workflow beyond simple ‘approval’ processes and enable inputs from IoT, Blockchain and external data sources to drive business processes.

  • Integrated Dev-Ops

    With an integrated source-code repository, automated testing tools, database modeling and instant migrations, building and testing world-class solutions are faster and easier than ever.

  • Integrated Blockchain Adaptors

    Recognizing the potential of blockchain technologies, our IJS platform integrates leading blockchain protocols to provide one of the fastest ways to build blockchain solutions